Gerardo Garcia wrote:

> Hello,
> Is it possible to have a smaller png file that has a lot of white, in order
> to load it faster from the web?
> I am running the Win32 1.1.19 version.  The raw scanned file was a gif file
> of about 25kb.  The smallest I can get is 40kb with a jpg saving.
> Saving in png type gives me a file of about 120kb.
> You can have a view of the image at
> (
> Thanks in advance
> Gerardo García
> Tampico, Tam.
> México

I'm here in Linux, using Gimp 1.1.23 (and then some... it's from cvs).

I resaved your graphic in an indexed PNG and you can take a look at the new
$ du -sb dDany2-compressed_better_for_gerardo.png
24576 dDany2-compressed_better_for_gerardo.png

That's right... around 24k in 24 colors (just so happened that way. it's a

Saving an image in indexed format vs. truecolor usually makes the filesize go
_way_ down (less information that needs to be worried about). Note that you
should always save somthing like JPG in full RGB (truecolor), as that is what
the format is optimized for.

I'm not attaching the image for a couple of reasons. First off, I do not want
a copy flying over to everyone on the list. Secondly (and more importantly),
you'll only get better at the Gimp with this exercise. It's a really simple
process too (just open the file, index it, and resave it as PNG with max

Good luck!

PS: You might want to shrink that image down to be around 600 or less for the
width, as it is inline for a web page, and do this through the Gimp. *g*

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