Quoting Per Pettersson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> I use pine and i want all [EMAIL PROTECTED] mails to go directly
> into my GIMP mail dir. How can I perform this?

Hi Per,

what you need is to setup procmail to filter the mail for you  in the
respective folders.  Mail reading programes such as pine or mutt help you
navigate through your mailboxes not filter it into different folders.

Have a read at the Procmail Quickstart page:


To help you - once you have set up, your .forward and .procmailrc files,
stick the below recipes in your .procmailrc to filter all the mail to the gimp 
folder.   It works for me.

Not the answer you expected, but pine cannot separate mail on its own.

        * ^From.*gimp-user-retur

        *. ^Subject:.*gimp

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