> I've just finished writing a Scheme script-fu program that mostly
> follows along with the tutorial at
>       http://www.gimp.org/tut-sum1.html
> I discovered that script-fu is easy, but finding documentation isn't.
> To that end, I've tried to thoroughly comment my program at
>       http://udel.edu/~mm/gimp/framed-glass-text.scm

great! I'm going to have to have a look at that! I've been trying to write 
a Scheme script-fu, but my result works - however I cant use it as a menu
ption, or from a command line (I really want to do shell batch processing)
> Also, for those not interested in script-fu (but who probably aren't
> reading this now, anyway!), the program might be interesting enough to 
> use as is.

well, i'll certainly be having a look! You are right about the current
level of script-fu documentation...and getting the current scipt-fu's
and sets under your command can be quite painful :-|


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