On Jun 9,  9:40, Kulish, Chris (Des Moines) wrote:
> Is there any way to rotate a selection within an image by something other
> than the 90, 180, and 270 degrees given in the menu?  I tried looking this
> up in the help system but didn't have any luck finding what I needed.


choose Transform from the toolbox and double-click the icon, then select
Rotation. You have now a cursor that looks a little bit like a recycling symbol
(two arc arrows). When you start rotating the selected area, there's a new
window that indicates by how much you have rotated (gimp 1.0.1 :-( at work).

If you use any of the newer versions, there's a more advanced window once you
have started rotating. You can even enter the value of how many degrees you
want to turn.

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