What window manager/X Server/gtk+ are you using?  Gimp attempts to make the 
original image no larger than 3/4 the max dimension on a resize that
would put the dimension outside the dimension of the screen...
(it won't shrink something 7/8 the screen for instance).  If its not
detecting that 1000x1000 is out, I'd suspect the X Server lying to us
about what the dimensions of the screen really are, which we can't do
much about.

It also tries to recenter some things, but I'm not sure the logic on 
this is 100% correct in current gimp.  I'm looking at it while trying
to figure out how/where to detect if an image resize was successful (the
wm spec says apps need to respect that all resize requests may not be

Seth Burgess

* Mogens Jęger ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000611 17:31]:
> Hello list.
> I have got a problem, that havn't changed throug the different versions
> I have had (1.0.4 - 1.1.23).
> Sometimes when I opens a picture that are larger than the screen - say
> 1000*1000 on my 1024*768 screen - the picture is shown in actual size,
> so that a part of it lies outsides the screen, and I have to drag from
> top, to minimize the frame, and then 'lift' it upwards so I can se the
> 'bottom'. How can I tell the Gimp, that my screen is only 1024*768
> pixels great. First time in use after install/compile, I gave it all
> needed informations. In preferences I have checked 'Monitor/Get Monitor
> Resolution/From X-server'.
> The same happens, when I want to choose a printer - the new 'print
> v3.1.4' - has so many printers 'avaible' that the list continues outside
> my screen - and it is not possible to move the list. My printer (Epson
> Stylus Photo) lies as number 12 outsides - I get there by counting
> strokes on the down-arrow. Is it some way possible to shorten the list -
> say all Canon printers in my case?
> Help is greatly apreciated
> Mogens Jęger

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