Seth Burgess wrote:

> What window manager/X Server/gtk+ are you using?  Gimp attempts to make the
> original image no larger than 3/4 the max dimension on a resize that
> would put the dimension outside the dimension of the screen...
> (it won't shrink something 7/8 the screen for instance).  If its not
> detecting that 1000x1000 is out, I'd suspect the X Server lying to us
> about what the dimensions of the screen really are, which we can't do
> much about.

Hello Seth
First thanks for your quick reply.
I am using Mandrake 7.0, with the KDE-1.1.2, using XFree86 ver 3.3.6. My Gtk+
is ver 1.2.7 (I hope it was what you asked for - my english/understanding
terms is not that good) I am going to shortly upgrade to Mandrake 7.1 with the
XF ver. 4. I am not uite satisfied with it now, because my combination of
Matrox G400/16 MB and ViewSonic 17" only gives me 75 Hz refresh (the M$ gives
87 Hz) so I hope the ver. 4 will help a little.
I have tried with different image-sizes, and I have to correct the example
1000*1000. Images up to 1024*768 are shown in 100%, where larger are zoomed.
But the problem is, that there is no 'space' left for frames, rulers, etc.

> It also tries to recenter some things, but I'm not sure the logic on
> this is 100% correct in current gimp.  I'm looking at it while trying
> to figure out how/where to detect if an image resize was successful (the
> wm spec says apps need to respect that all resize requests may not be
> granted).

My second question about the 'printer-list' is 'meanwile' solved through an
install of version 3.0.? - it hasn't got that many, but mine is there.
Mogens Jęger

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