> I have tried with different image-sizes, and I have to correct the example
> 1000*1000. Images up to 1024*768 are shown in 100%, where larger are zoomed.
> But the problem is, that there is no 'space' left for frames, rulers, etc.

Ok, this coincides with what should be happening much better, so your X
server is not at fault.  The problem of how to handle window decorations
is somewhat tricky, since these vary widely between wm's and we don't
really have any control over them as a program (we can offer some hints, but
wm's are free to ignore them).  I've considered adding in ~20 pixels
before, because screenshots don't do well as currently impemented.
Might sneak this in there now that I see I'm not alone in feeling this is

> My second question about the 'printer-list' is 'meanwile' solved through an
> install of version 3.0.? - it hasn't got that many, but mine is there.

Don't know about the print-list; its really a separate problem, and you
should probably contact the author directly with your bug report (or
submit it to the gimp bug database, which will eventually route it

Happy GIMPing,
Seth Burgess

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