>XF ver. 4. I am not uite satisfied with it now, because my combination of
>Matrox G400/16 MB and ViewSonic 17" only gives me 75 Hz refresh (the M$ gives
>87 Hz) so I hope the ver. 4 will help a little.

Do not ask me why, but XFree is always very conservative with the refresh
rates. Another example is the chipset clock, it also gives less than the
maximum. In the end, your machine works below the limit but I doubt any
damage is avoided. An example of this is that XFree gives worse results than
in other OSs, but with tools like the one for G400 you get the same (and no
overclocking, just normal clocking).

Does anybody know how to move the refresh data from Windows to XFree? Is
there any kind of formula (simple, if possible)? A full database of scan
lines? Does XFree 4 come with exact settings or still under powered?

I am a bit feed up with this, specially cos all people complain that "in
Windows I get X but in Linux I get less" when the problem is not about
forcing but setting the right numbers.


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