>> You can set any refresh rate and resolution your hardware and software
>> allows, in both xfree 3 and 4. Just edit your XF86Config and adjust the
>> modelines.
>Yes but this would involve knowing exactly how to come up with the right
>modeline.  A single typo here can fry a monitor.

Or in the best case, stress the circuitry that protects it and get lots of
"Not Valid Scan Frec" via the On Screen Display (I have got some while
testing). In any case, not nice.

>> xfree4 can make use of ddc, and most monitors underestimate their
>> powers. For example, I have a very hard time of getting anything better
>> than 70hz under windows. Without the matrox control panel I can't even
>> force refresh settings, so windows is by far worse than linux :|
>I have a hard believing this as Windows, for 90% of video manufacturers, has
>incredible video support and changing refresh rates is very easy.  Select
>the refresh rate you want from a drop down list.

Of course, there are cases where XFree is better than Windows, like with an
old #9 (S3 864 chip) I had years ago. But the point is other cases, and
specially the easiness of improving the settings (I know the scan lines and
such, and I have used the tool to move the screen, but not how to create
scan lines with just the Hz and KHz freq).

My Hitachi supports a lot of frequencies but Linux underuses it (I bought
the one with highest limits for the size, so normal resolutions are quite
good while 1600 is just unusable due Moire). And the G400 case is really
pathetic (underclocking, yeah, cool!).

>Don't get me wrong I can't stand Windows and hate Microsoft's arrogance more
>than most people.  But I cannot fault them on their suppor/configuration
>when it comes to video and only wish that setting up my monitor under Xfree
>were as easy. 
>My ADI monitor has an LED that show what mode it is in and I have much wider
>range of choices under Windows than I do under Xfree.

That is what I want, easy way to get the scan lines in XFree. I have found a
site that was a database of monitors but now says that they have closed cos
there are better sources. Where? What I currently have is not 100% good. And
when you want to do 2D or 3D, perfect monitor / card pair is important (and
in any case, your eyes are important, that was the reason I got an expensive
monitor instead of an OEM one).


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