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> > allows, in both xfree 3 and 4. Just edit your XF86Config and adjust the
> > modelines.
> Yes but this would involve knowing exactly how to come up with the right
> modeline.  A single typo here can fry a monitor.

I think that's quite exaggerating. Frying monitors is equally simple under
other windowing systems (e.g. windows), and changing a _single_ number
(which is all that is required to change refresh rate) is not at all

> I have a hard believing this as Windows, for 90% of video manufacturers, has
> incredible video support and changing refresh rates is very easy.  Select
> the refresh rate you want from a drop down list.

Well, with X you actually have to edit a file, yes... :*>

> than most people.  But I cannot fault them on their suppor/configuration
> when it comes to video and only wish that setting up my monitor under Xfree
> were as easy. 

I wished setting up a video mode under windows were as easy as under X :(
Fortunately, opinions vary ,->

> My ADI monitor has an LED that show what mode it is in and I have much wider
> range of choices under Windows than I do under Xfree.

If your hardware is supported you definitely have at leats as much choice
as under xfree. And there are tools that allow you to customize modelines
using a GUI interface.

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