Marc Lehmann wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 12, 2000 at 03:56:39PM +0200, "Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" 
> > Does anybody know how to move the refresh data from Windows to XFree? Is
> > there any kind of formula (simple, if possible)? A full database of scan
> > lines? Does XFree 4 come with exact settings or still under powered?
> You can set any refresh rate and resolution your hardware and software
> allows, in both xfree 3 and 4. Just edit your XF86Config and adjust the
> modelines.

Is there a good 'manual' somewhere, where I can read about how to "adjust the 
modelines". Only thing I for sure
know/has seen is a lot of warnings about damage to your system when making faults.
I have a tool (part of the Mandrake 7.0) where I can make these adjustments, and then 
one can cut/paste the
informations gathered into 'the right file' ! but how? which file? and how to tell my 
system to use that? - as
you can se, I am a truly newbee.

> xfree4 can make use of ddc, and most monitors underestimate their
> powers. For example, I have a very hard time of getting anything better
> than 70hz under windows. Without the matrox control panel I can't even
> force refresh settings, so windows is by far worse than linux :|

Quite another story - I only have windows installed because of my daughter (9) her 
games demand it - I have
spent at lest 2-3 days trying to make it stable, until someone told me, that the 
newest drivers from Matrox
would solve it. They did - only locks it up during log-off, so that I have to shut-off 
manually, with the
'nagging' message = long time boot-up as result - and people still can't understand 
why I don't love windows.

Mogens Jęger

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