> Yes but this would involve knowing exactly how to come up with the right
> modeline.  A single typo here can fry a monitor.

old ones, yes - almost all new monitors just cut out - most even put an
OSD up saying its out of range
> I have a hard believing this as Windows, for 90% of video manufacturers, has
> incredible video support and changing refresh rates is very easy.  Select
> the refresh rate you want from a drop down list.

- usually only with 3rd party (ie the gfx card maker) attachments to the
display properties
> My ADI monitor has an LED that show what mode it is in and I have much wider
> range of choices under Windows than I do under Xfree.

XF86Config is the file you want to edit.. you can quite easily make
10x more modes than windows will give you (though why you'd want to is
beyond me! whats wrong with just one single 1600x1200 on a 19"? :-))


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