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Here is a question I posted to the newsgroup, but no response yet.  I hope, I have 
more luck here.  I am working on Solaris 2.7 and managed to compile the whole bunch to 
get Gimp 1.1.23 working, but now...

...I am stuck.  Below, you find a short script, nothing difficult or special,  just a 
beginners effort.  There is a layer beeing created, all selected (square selection of 
the image), then I tried to round the selection, but it just does not work.  I do not 
get an error message, the selection is just still rectangle.  The strange about this 
is: when I do it manually, it works!!!
 Any ideas?
 Thanks in advance!
 (define (script-fu-text-box inText inFont inFontSize inTextColor) (let* (
 (theImageWidth 100)
 (theImageHeight 30)
 (theImage (car (gimp-image-new theImageWidth theImageHeight RGB))) 
(gimp-image-add-layer theImage theLayer1 0)
 (gimp-drawable-fill theLayer1 WHITE-IMAGE-FILL)
 (gimp-selection-all theImage)
 (perl-fu-round-sel 1 theImage theLayer1 1)
 (gimp-display-new theImage)
 (gimp-image-clean-all theImage)
 "script-fu-text-box"                          ;func name 
"<Toolbox>/Xtns/Script-Fu/Text/Text Box"      ;menu pos "Creates a simple text box, 
sized to fit around the
 user's Choice of text,font, font size, and
 "Michael Terry"                        ;author
 "copyright 1997, Michael Terry"        ;copyright notice "October 27, 1997"           
         ;date created
 ""                                    ;Image type that the script works on
 SF-VALUE "Text:" "\"Text Box\""        ;a text variable SF-VALUE "Font:" 
"\"Charter\""        ;a text variable SF-VALUE "Font size:" "45"            ;a text 
 SF-COLOR "Color:" '(0 0 0)            ;color variable )
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