I believe, there is a slight misconception, what I will achive (no wonder, I did not 
say it:-):

This script will _create a new_ picture and does something with it.

>add these lines to (script-fu register ..)
>SF-IMAGE "The image" 0
>SF-DRAWABLE "The layer" 0
>they have to be the first variables passed. Gimp will get the
>correct layer and image for you.
>dont forget to bind them to variables in your function declaration
>for example :
>(define (script-fu-text-box image layer
>inText inFont inFontSize inTextColor)

So, this would be correct, if I had a script which does something with a existing 
picture, right?

I would like to do my own buttons, just like the button scripts, that come with gimp.

Now, the strange thing, as I mentioned in the first mail, is, that everything works 
fine, but the last step is just skipped, no error ... no action - nothing. When I let 
the script run, it creates the picture and selects the rectangle (all).  When I do the 
last step manually, it works perfectly!?!



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