> The strange thing here is, that I can call this script once (it just gives me a 
>white image with a rounded selection), but when I call this script again, I get the 
>error message:
> Script-Fu Error
> ERROR: Procedural database execution failed:
> (gimp_selection_bounds 0)
> Only when I restart gimp, I can use it again!

this is because you have hardcoded the image/layer as '0'.

if you keep running GIMP, then the next image you process will not be 0,
but 1,2,3 etc etc

I have had to use hardcoded numbers in my script until I can find out why
my variables arent passed through...this means I have to quit after using
my script (which is okay because its a cron batch job anyway!) but
I'd prefer to have it working.


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