It's sort of a GIMP question when you understand that the only reason I have
Linux on my laptop, is to use GIMP.  I've already looked through LAME and
another Administator's guide and the Mandrake help files with no luck, but I
don't want to Administrate Linux, I just want to run GIMP in 800/600 mode.

Can anyone help?

On a side note, I'm intrigued by your comment about laptop colors.  In other
image editing programs I would change the color to say, red, with the big
psychdelic color selection palette thing, yet it would show up as grey when
I painted.

Is this what U mean when U allude to color problems using a laptop?

Because, when I take a picture, it looks right on the laptop... the trees
are green and my butt is white.  So I would imgaine that the laptop will be
fine for my low tech needs, i.e. the web.  Could you elaborate?  Does it
have something to do with 16 bit color vs. 15 bit color?

Thanks, Jonathon, All.

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What do you mean by changing resolution?

If you are wanting to zoom in or out, and can't use the default key mapping
then you can easily
change it.  To do this open the GIMP menu where the function appears.  Next
hold the pointer over
the function you want to change the key mapping for and simply press the
keys you want to use.
Easy or what?  I believe this was covered in the GIMP User Manual.

The same should be true of most of the other functions, so if its not zoom
then you probably would
find the right one anyway.

However thinking about this I know what you want, you want to change the
screen resolution - which
is not really a GIMP question at all.  Try looking at the XF86 documentation
at either or

A laptop is only good for one resolution anyway, and LCD based technology
has a different color
spec than CRT - for graphics use you really should be using CRT until LCD

Jonathan Paton

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