Assuming your screen is 800/600 you probably need to find the correct display drivers 
for the
graphics chipset.  A LCD driver will probably only have one screen resolution 
configured, so
trying to chang mode with CTRL-ALT-NUM+ will not work.

The difference between CRTs and LCD TFTs was compared in the Personal Computer World
magazine(British Edition), and I have quoted the revelevent bit:

"... The colour and contrast performance of TFT FPDs will shock users of
photo-retouching and video-editing software.  It's not that they're wrong, but
that their S-shaped gamma curve is very different to CRTs.

TFTs suffer from poor detail in bright highlights and dark shadows, which means
FPDs are at best unfamiliar, and at worst, totally unsuitable for
colour-critical applications..." - September 1999 PCW,

Images for viewing on the web will look different to each user anyway, as everybody 
sets their
screen contrast, brightness, color temperatures etc to their own tastes - just 
something to keep
in mind.

I hope that my contributions are helpful,
Jonathan Paton

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