>It's sort of a GIMP question when you understand that the only reason I have
>Linux on my laptop, is to use GIMP.  I've already looked through LAME and
>another Administator's guide and the Mandrake help files with no luck, but I
>don't want to Administrate Linux, I just want to run GIMP in 800/600 mode.

Setting the drivers is administration, in any OS. You can name it as you
want, configuration or whatever.

>Can anyone help?

There is a Linux site with lot of laptops links... http://www.linuxberg.com/
and then click on docs link and browse a bit to find the Linux and Laptops
area (IIRC, maybe it was not there... use a search engine if fails). I know
there is a site with lots of link about laptops, including config examples
to solve problems like yours, sorry but I can not remember the exact link.

>On a side note, I'm intrigued by your comment about laptop colors.  In other
>image editing programs I would change the color to say, red, with the big
>psychdelic color selection palette thing, yet it would show up as grey when
>I painted.
>Is this what U mean when U allude to color problems using a laptop?

No, TFT screens are poor for photoworks. Computer vendor can say whatever
they want, but CRTs are still the king.

>Because, when I take a picture, it looks right on the laptop... the trees
>are green and my butt is white.  So I would imgaine that the laptop will be
>fine for my low tech needs, i.e. the web.  Could you elaborate?  Does it
>have something to do with 16 bit color vs. 15 bit color?

You should run in 24 bits for a full range (at least better than 15/16). And
TFT color reproduction is no the same than CRTs. And both are different than
printers or scanners. Welcome to the mad world of color calibration. ;]


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