>> i there a way to keep the layer structure in a gimp file ??? i like to
>> save a file with several layers and get a layers when i load the file in
>> gimp again.
>save as xcf, the gimps native format. theres also a psd (photoshop)
>writing plug in at the registry. gimp already comes with the filter for
>reading photoshop.

XCF saves more things... or at least you know that it rarelly will leave out
data, do not use PSD for dailly work. Just a suggestion to avoid problems.

For better space management, use bzip2 or gzip after it. When saving, choose
"by extension" and write "filename.xcf.bz2" (or "gz") in the box. You keep
all the data, and is saved in compressed way (loseless, of course). Gimp
creates the xcf and then calls the compressor, quite easy. And you can
extract the xcf file by hand (usefull when sending to a guy that does not
have bzip2... rare but there are some still), or leave the work to Gimp.


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