I'm using Corel 1.0 that came along with an older version of gimp and
I downloaded and installed sane 1.0.2. First it didn't work with my
Mustek 12000 sp plus. Than I found on the net the newest
mustek-backened, recompiled sane and got a working xscanimage :-))
Scanning by typing "xscanimage" works fine now!
But when I tried scanning from Xtnx->AquireImage xscanimage only
recognized pnm:0 and pnm:1 (as it's been before I recompiled sane): The
in gimps plug-in directory linked to an older version of xscanimage. 
I deleted this old version and linked the new one instead. That was
easy, I thought! But now "Xtnx->AquireImage" has disappeared :-((( 
I updated gimp now to 1.0.4-3 but havn't got rid of the problem...

How can I say gimp that there is a working xscanimage in the plug-in
that it can use ??

Thanks & bye:  lars

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