I use the GIMP to add color and text to my cartoons. The GIMP seems very
suitable for that job.

The final image often needs to be printed, and sent to a publisher. But
when the publisher makes a few copies of the B & W print, it gets ugly.

So what I need to do is applying a stencil raster - you know, when your
image becomes a collection bigger and smaller dots, lined under an angle
of 45 ...am I clear? :-)

This is no big deal because my old HP Deskjet 500 can't do anything else
BUT printing big rasters - I have to go somewhere else for fine prints,
actually. But putting the WHOLE image through a raster is also bad,
because the (normally) sharp and black lines and text, are now also
dotted, which is very ugly.

A friend of mine (using Photoshop on some prehistoric Mac) said he
solved this by applying a raster-thingy to only one layer of his image.
I have taken a look around the GIMP (1.1.24), but the only things that
come near to that feature are (Filters->Distort->Video) and

Although I just played with Newsprint, and it seemed to have reasonable
results, I'd rather have the rasterizing of a layer to be a *display
property* of a layer, rather than a filter; with a filter, you alter the
image, but with a (what I call) display property, you only alter the way
it is viewed.

I'd like to hear your ideas upon this: how do you do this, how do you
think it should be, etc.


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