What version of the gimp are you using??
In the 1.1 flavors
there is a very cool gimp-perl script
called webify
It is located in the image menu's in one of the following
places depending on which version you have installed
<Image>/Filters/Web/Webify   (new place)

I use this script 90% of the time when i am creating gif

On Wed, Jun 28, 2000 at 04:58:47PM -0700, Ed Baxter wrote:
> This is probably a Newbie question but I can't seem to locate the answer anywhere so 
> help is appreciated. I'm trying to create a circle on a transparent background then 
> it with anti-aliased edges so it doesn't have the "jaggies". I am selecting a fill 
> from the web-optimized palette. When I index the image the anti-aliasing is removed 
>and I
> have a very ugly circle. There must be a way to accomplish what I want because I have
> found anti-aliased transparent gif files on Gimp related web pages.

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