> have a very ugly circle. There must be a way to accomplish what I want because I have
> found anti-aliased transparent gif files on Gimp related web pages.

GIF does not support alpha transparency, but there are two ways how to fake it.
First one is to dither to transparency. Gif can have a one bit mask, so if you
dither using that "transparent" color, you get a similar result. It looks a bit
jaggy, but it's backround-independent. You can stick it on any background like
you could with alpha transparency. You can set thyis in the color/index dialog
of the 1.1 GIMP series.

The other option is to "semi-flatten" the transparent image to the color of the
future background. If you want to stick your image to blue backround (or
a blue texture.. it won't really matter that much) just set the color to the
active backround color and use filters/color/semi-flatten and then index the
image. Use this filter on a merged image (not flattened, it would discard alpha

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