> Hi all,
> I'd like to have a go at creating some cute cartoons using the GIMP. I am
> wondering if anyone else on this list has tackled this before, and could you
> give me any leads on what the best GIMP tools would be to achieve this ?
> There are so many good tools in the GIMP, that its confusing !!!

ive done this by 

converting rgb->index without dithering (watch out for banding) and hand
painted motion blurs.

theres also GAP http://pages.hotbot.com/arts/hof/gap_loco_demo.html

you may want to look at blender http://www.blender.nl (free to use, no
source) for which there is a script for renderman output, that you can use
with bmrt http://www.bmrt.org (another free for use, no source) and write
your own toon shaders. you can also use blenders shaders and write shader
plug ins (much faster if you know c, but the renderman shading language is
simpler to learn)
> Thanks in advance,
> regards,
> Andrew J Fortune,
> Melbourne,
> Australia

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