Hi all,

Quick question...
I've got some RGB images that I need to save as Indexed images, so I go and change 
them to Indexed using the optimal palette thing w/ 255 colors.  This works
quite well and does indeed create an optimal palette, but occasionally, with some of 
my images, the color black (#000000) doesn't get entered into the palette and all the 
black on my image (which there is a descent bit) gets indexed to #020202, which is 
almost black but not good enough.

Is there an easy way to fix this?

Is there a way to take an indexed image, go in an alter the index that points to 
#020202 to point to #000000 instead, thus replacing all the #020202 in the image with 

Is there any tool in gimp to replace all of one color with another color?

Thanks alot,
Josh Estelle

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