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Using Gimp 1.1.24, Mandrake Linux V7, PIII/550, 128mb

I have a black and white photo I shot of an actress on
stage.  She feels that there is a slight double-chin
problem due to angle of the head in the shot.  I have
done very minor retouching before, but I can't quite
get the handle on this one.

The double chin is slightly darker than the front of
the chin and the neck on either side of it.

I've tried using the burning-in tool to darken it
further and perhaps make it appear further back.  This
shows some promise, but I'm convinced that it is the
way to go.  I've also tried bringing in some of the
almost-black background where the extra skin is in
front of it to lesson the size.  This might help but
it doesn't appear to be the whole answer.

There is a line-wrinkle across the whole neck were the
extra skin meets it.  Perhaps cutting and pasting it
higher is the answer?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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