The clone tool should do the trick.

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Subject: Retouching photos

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> Using Gimp 1.1.24, Mandrake Linux V7, PIII/550, 128mb
> RAM.
> I have a black and white photo I shot of an actress on
> stage.  She feels that there is a slight double-chin
> problem due to angle of the head in the shot.  I have
> done very minor retouching before, but I can't quite
> get the handle on this one.
> The double chin is slightly darker than the front of
> the chin and the neck on either side of it.
> I've tried using the burning-in tool to darken it
> further and perhaps make it appear further back.  This
> shows some promise, but I'm convinced that it is the
> way to go.  I've also tried bringing in some of the
> almost-black background where the extra skin is in
> front of it to lesson the size.  This might help but
> it doesn't appear to be the whole answer.
> There is a line-wrinkle across the whole neck were the
> extra skin meets it.  Perhaps cutting and pasting it
> higher is the answer?
> Any ideas would be appreciated.
> dj
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