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> I would like to ask, how can I make text look like neon
> lights. Exactly like in this gif I attach.

1) New Image
2) Layers->Add Alpha Channel
3) Layers->Add Layermask
4) Paint your logo (you will probably have to invert the layermask)
5) Blur the layermask (Gaussian Blur)
6) Duplicate your Layer three times
7) Fill the bottom layer with your "neon" color
8) Use Image->Colors->Levels to adjust the gradient of all three layers
   - the top layer should be relativly sharp
   - the middle should be unsharp
   - the bottom should be only a bit unsharp
9) Layers->Apply Layermask  on all three Layers
10) Add a drop shadow (Script-Fu->Shadows->...)
11) Done, save the image and be happy :-)

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