Thanks for replying. I'm not sure how to reword the first question - so I'll
try to give an example....

Suppose you select the pencil tool, go into GFig and draw a geometric star
and then press the Paint button to draw it on the canvas of the current have created a closed "path" in the shape of a star....

How do you then turn that into a selection so that any operations that you
perform after that is constrained to the boundaries of the star that you
have drawn ?

Note that this is only an example - I am looking for a generic solution that
would apply to any closed path that you draw on the canvas.

Hope this makes more sense....


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Andrew J Fortune wrote:
> Hi all,
> (1) If you have drawn an outline (e.g. a circle, square or any arbitrary
> closed path) with a pencil, brush, GFig etc., how can you turn that into a
> selection ? (note - I am not talking about using the Bezier tool).

Not quite sure what you mean... maybe you want to use channels and then
do a Channel to Selection, but that doesn't really help if you already
have drawn the lines...

> (2) How can you turn all occurrences of a particular color (e.g. white)
> transparent areas ?

Use Select -> By Colour..., then Cut

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