I have version 1.1.24 (latest version), and I can't find this facility.

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>Suppose you select the pencil tool, go into GFig and draw a geometric star
>and then press the Paint button to draw it on the canvas of the current
>file.....you have created a closed "path" in the shape of a star....
>How do you then turn that into a selection so that any operations that you
>perform after that is constrained to the boundaries of the star that you
>have drawn ?
>Note that this is only an example - I am looking for a generic solution
>would apply to any closed path that you draw on the canvas.

In Photoshop, I would select the shape I had drawn (with, say, the Magic
Wand), and then remove the holes from the selection (I've forgotten the
name of the command), leaving a selection whose shape is the same as the
outer boundary of the shape I had just drawn. In my version of gimp
(1.0.something - the last stable release, from RH6.0), I don't seem to be
able to find an equivalent command in the Select menu, which is where I'd
expect to look.

Is there something like that in later versions? (or even in mine that I've


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