Nikolai Vladychevski wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope I am not asking to much on this list, but this is a very
> interesting question for me.
> I would like to ask, what are the methods or steps to successfully
> identify objects in images. I know I can use fuzzy select and it is easy
> when the background is a single color. But when I scan an image from
> print, the background contains many colors and specialy when it is not
> so different from the foreground object (like in the picutre I attach
> for example), I find very dificult to do this. What
> methods/steps/tricks/urls do you recommend?

Well, for that image I would probably use Beizer curves or Paths to
create the selection.  Another option would be to use Quickmask, the red
square in the lower left corner of the image window to 'paint' the
selection.  There are some tutorials floating around on the Net, I think
tigert has a good one...

If you are using Gimp 1.0, please upgrade to the latest developer's
version.  It is very stable, and has many new features that will make
complicated selections easier.

Alex Harford
Author of "GIMP Essential Reference"

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