No, that is not what I want (at least I dont think so....I am not sure what
you mean by Free Select tool). What you have suggested makes a selection of
the boundary itself, but I want to be able to select the area inside the

Consider the GFig function again. You draw a shape in GFig, with the
settings on the Paint tab set to "Draw on New" and "Using selection". Then
when you click the Paint button, it draws a selection in the shape that you
drew in GFig. It is this functionality that I want, but I don't necessarily
want to use GFig. In other words, you use the pencil tool to draw a closed
path and then you obtain a selection using that path.

Hope that clarifies things. Its a very simple request but difficult and
confusing to describe.

Thanks again for your help.


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Andrew J Fortune wrote:
> Alex.
> Thanks for replying. I'm not sure how to reword the first question - so
> try to give an example....
> Suppose you select the pencil tool, go into GFig and draw a geometric star
> and then press the Paint button to draw it on the canvas of the current
> have created a closed "path" in the shape of a star....
> How do you then turn that into a selection so that any operations that you
> perform after that is constrained to the boundaries of the star that you
> have drawn ?
> Note that this is only an example - I am looking for a generic solution
> would apply to any closed path that you draw on the canvas.

Aha... then you would be talking about Paths being automatically
created, something that isn't implemented yet.  Care to do some coding?
:)  I would do what Ian wrote, use the Fuzzy Select tool (similar to the
Magic Wand) to get the outline, and then used the Free Select tool with
the Shift key to add the two selections together.

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