Try using the bezier tool to draw your path instead of a pencil

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> Alex,
> No, that is not what I want (at least I dont think so....I am not sure
> you mean by Free Select tool). What you have suggested makes a selection
> the boundary itself, but I want to be able to select the area inside the
> boundary.
> Consider the GFig function again. You draw a shape in GFig, with the
> settings on the Paint tab set to "Draw on New" and "Using selection". Then
> when you click the Paint button, it draws a selection in the shape that
> drew in GFig. It is this functionality that I want, but I don't
> want to use GFig. In other words, you use the pencil tool to draw a closed
> path and then you obtain a selection using that path.
> Hope that clarifies things. Its a very simple request but difficult and
> confusing to describe.
> Thanks again for your help.
> regards,
> Andrew
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> Andrew J Fortune wrote:
> >
> > Alex.
> >
> > Thanks for replying. I'm not sure how to reword the first question - so
> I'll
> > try to give an example....
> >
> > Suppose you select the pencil tool, go into GFig and draw a geometric
> > and then press the Paint button to draw it on the canvas of the current
> > have created a closed "path" in the shape of a star....
> >
> > How do you then turn that into a selection so that any operations that
> > perform after that is constrained to the boundaries of the star that you
> > have drawn ?
> >
> > Note that this is only an example - I am looking for a generic solution
> that
> > would apply to any closed path that you draw on the canvas.
> Aha... then you would be talking about Paths being automatically
> created, something that isn't implemented yet.  Care to do some coding?
> :)  I would do what Ian wrote, use the Fuzzy Select tool (similar to the
> Magic Wand) to get the outline, and then used the Free Select tool with
> the Shift key to add the two selections together.
> Alex Harford
> Author of "GIMP Essential Reference"

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