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> Hello,
> I wanted to add something beautiful to my site, so I scanned a picture
> of a nice lady. But the problem is, I never can get it to look like a
> photos on other sites (like www.lamaslinda.com for example). I tryed
> Curves, Hue/Saturation, Brightnes/Contrast, Sharpen filter, everything
> but the photos of others always look better than mine. I want to achieve
> the quality of the photo I attach, how can I do this with gimp? Or can
> somebody tell me where to read a good paper about retouching?
> Thanks in advance.
> Nikolai

Often these "model" sites and p0rn sites and so on, use a very high
resolution scanner (1200dpi not interopolated) like a drum scanner to get
the image quality you see here, including the glossyness.

I could be wrong here, but that is generally how they are done. Then they
can retouch some areas. I looked at the site and it looked like some retouch
work was done on one model's eyes for example.

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