Jon Winters wrote:
> Nikolai Vladychevski wrote:
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> > Hello,
> >
> > is there any filters I can apply to remove the pattern that covers the
> > girl?
> >   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >  [Image]
> Never one to resist a challenge...
hahaha, and specialy when its about girls :)

> I used the despeckle filter three times to remove the moiré' pattern.
> The after image is very soft as a result.
but it got blured. I wanted some algorithm that would detect the moiré
and remove it leaving real pixels value.I beleive the descreening
algorightm of Marc Lehmann will do this.
> Given the oppurtunity I would re-scan at a much higher resolution and
> workit from there.  (actually scanning from the original slide or
> negative would eleminate this problem entirely)
yes, but the magazine I scan has not so high quality pictures. And it
not even quality's question i beleive, it is that the size of the
pictures is very small. They are like 1.5 x 2 inches. If I scan at 1200
dpi and resize, i get the same result as scanning at 300, so I tought
maybe some powerfull algorithm would help me.

> G.I.G.O. rule is in full effect here.  ;-)
> Enjoy!
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