> > I currently have a Wacom Intuos tablet in addition to a PS/2
> > mouse connected to my machine (Linux 2.2.15, XFree86 3.3.6, Gtk
> > 1.2.8, Gimp 1.1.24).
> > 
> > Normally, they live in peaceful coexistence - I can
> > alternatively use the mouse or the tablet to move the X pointer.
> > As soon as I start Gimp, the mouse becomes unusable. [...]
> just for the record, I wanted to mention, that I meanwhile
> noticed that the described problem is triggered by any GTK+
> program - I sent a bug report.

I use SuSE 6.4 myself, and have had the same problem. Some device nodes
were installed with the wrong major/minor nrs, resulting in the wrong
device drivers/hardware being accessed by the wrong software.

A patch is available at www.suse.com, but i don't know if that does the
trick. I changed the nodes manually.


-- Victor

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