First, sorry about my poor english, I am brazilian. 

I am trying to develop a game, called Evolution
(http://evolution.sourceforge.net). I need much sprites to do this game,
and the images need to be in a specific format. Each sprite is a file
that store the image of a unit (a man, a car, a construction) in several
positions (e.g.: the several frames of a movie of a man walking).
        I am (trying ;-) making the imagens using blender
(http://www.blender.nl), witch saves each frame in a diferent file. All
frames have the same size. I need to load all N images and (where N is a
number I don't know) and make, with them, a single one. Each frame needs
to be at the side of the other, in horizontal.
        I want to use gimp to do this task. I want to make a plug-in or a
script-fu (in C, scheme or python) that receive all images as input and
and generate the final image for me. So, if I change one of the frames
of my sprite (my movie), I can only execute the script and have the
final image, without repetitive work.
        I would like to know if gimp alredy has a plugin like this and, if not,
how may I receive the N images on input, while scripts usually receive a
determined number of parameters. May you help me? Any hint or tip?

Thank you for your attemption,


Marcelo Elias Del Valle    UIN: 30595143
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