I recently began using the gimp - version 1.1.7, as it came with the SuSE
6.2 distribution (a stripped down, 1 cd version of 6.2, it appears)

So, far I'm just experimenting, but I've had a lot of crashes with
script-fu. When you click 'ok' the program freezes, and while it will
iconize, it cannot be closed. I have to exit out of kde and begin again. 
Don't seem to have any problems with the rest of the gimp, but as I've
said - I've jsut been doing basic stuff so far.

Is this version of gimp known for this problem, or could it be the linux
distro? KDE 1.1.1 is the GUI - and it seems pretty friggin buggy as well.
I've had 3 random freezes of the keyboard upon startx, with the monitor
going black and the only way out a hard reboot. I've fiddled about with
fsck (and been yelled at by German geeks for doing that) but something
seems to always work to get it back. Not the same thing every time, tho.

Yes, I am a luser. 

Kate      http://www.katewerk.com

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