Well, I found it .. sorta.

When using Adobe ImageReady there is a checkbox for transparency in the
optimize tab.  Next to that there is a dropdown menu labeled "matte"  You
can select from a variety of things like foreground color, background
color, white, black, Netscape grey, 50% grey, etc.

Now this is where it gets cool.  When you save an image with transparency
it adds the "Matte" color into the anti-alias so things blend smoothly.

Fig1. Screengrab showing an example of Matte

You set your "Matte" to the background color of your web page and you get
great looking transitions.

Every time I write a post to gimp-usr or gimp-devel I wondor if the
functionality is already in the gimp... and it usually is, but I didn't
know where to find it.

Here goes...

How do you control the "Matte" when saving images with alpha in the Gimp?

Thanks in advance.
Jon Winters http://www.obscurasite.com/

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