> Hi.
> I got question about the Web palete. If I use any of those 216 colors,
> will my web page look the same on Explorer, Netscape, and same look on
> Macintoshes, PCs and other machines or it is not so standard as I think?

its just to avoid dithering, and your better off trying you image on
multiple platforms than going with guidlines like this, especially with X
where you dont know how many colors youll get. also, with many types of
images, it doesnt matter and/or the dithering is actually a good thing.

since even the $200 laptops on recycler can display at least 16bit color,
its not really as worth worrying about as it used to be (unless your
audience is using sun ultrasparc 5s, i seriously wonder what they were
smokeing when they made the decision to ship those things with 8bit
> Thanks in advance.
> niko

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