[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-07-24 at 1246.23 -0500):
> I got question about the Web palete. If I use any of those 216 colors,
> will my web page look the same on Explorer, Netscape, and same look on
> Macintoshes, PCs and other machines or it is not so standard as I think?

There have been a lot of docs about that, and the conclusion, IIRC,
was that you should use an optimized palete and forget all the rest:

- if user has 16 or 24 bit display, forcing palette is really bad, cos
you win nothing.

- if user has 8 bit display, you do not know if he is really using the
web palette or another, so the best is to let the user decide (most of
systems have an internal system to readapt when data varies).

To add insult to injury, you never know if the user has correctly set
his gamma or the environment is right (lights, reflections, etc) or
the DAC of the video chipset is working like the rest.

And BTW it is really rare to have the same look under different
browsers. After all the web is a place to share info, not a DTP


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