> > no, I am saying that when I applied the mask, the only way I can
> modify
> > Alpha values is using leves or curves, seleccting "Alpha" on the
> pop-up
> > menu and then modifying _only_ alpha values of the layer. But its a
> pain
> > in the ass doing it this way.

Open the "Layers, Channels & Paths" dialog. This is where you probably
added the layer mask in the first place. Notice the two icons next to each
other? Also notice that one of them has a white border? When you activate
the layer mask by clicking on it, it gets the border. Now you can paint
(using black and white) in your picture, and the mask changes.

This seeing-the-results-directly-while-editing is often nicer that having
to edit the mask seperately, but it would be nice if the latter was
available anyway. Also, it is not very handy that the colors don't
automatically change to black/white while editing a mask. But using the
palette dialog helps.

In many cases the results get better (depending on what you want with the
mask) when you "paint incrementally" by setting the brush opacity to less
then 100%.


-- Victor

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