> Hello everyone,
> Has anyone out there used gimp for a professional (or semi-professional)
> project that involved mass printing?

ive got a CD cover lined up later thing month/early next month...
> I am new to this list but I have been messing about with gimp for about
> a year now.  As a hobby project, I am         working on a music CD
> cover art and lyrics booklet.  I am hoping that someone out there can
> give me some advice on how to get gimp digital work out to a print
> shop.  (I am afraid that I am a total novice about printing :-])

the easiest way is with a CD labler like the cd stomper (they are cheap at
places like frys electronics) that covers the lable and the cardboard that
goes into the cd case (aka j card). for the little book, your best bet is
probably kinkos unless you kow of a good print shop that wont charge much,
in which case your very lucky.

this kind of thing is actually better done in page layout with vectors
than completly with something like the gimp. if nothing else, it makes
fonts easier to work with. of course this brings back the question of
sutable page layout software for linux...

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