Thanks, I didn't think of this.....
This didn't quite work (i.e.setting the threshold to 255). It selected all
of the text, but the "marching ants" were offset from the text by a small
margin. When I filled the selection with a gradient, it left a shadow behind in the
original color.
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Andrew J Fortune wrote:
Hi all, I have been experimenting with editing a logo created by a Script-FU. I am not talking here about tweaking the source code, rather I am talking about actually editing the layers using the standard Gimp tools. Once I have created the logo, say that I wish to replace a gradient on the text with a pattern. What I did was to render all layers invisible except the topmost layer, and make that layer the active one. So, what I see is a text block filled with a gradient and a transparent background. The problem came when I tried to select the text. Firstly, I tried Select-All, and it selected the entire layer. Secondly, I tried using the fuzzy select tool and clicking inside one of the letters - it "sort of" worked, but the problem was that it didn't select some of the edges. I played around with the threshold option, and it didn't seem to make any difference. So the real issue for me is how can I select text that is sitting on a transparent background ? Thanks in advance for your help. regards,Andrew J Fortune
Alpha to Selection in the Layer menu ....
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