Alan Buxey wrote:
> hi,
> > Well, I've not gotten any answers and folks are probably tired of the
> > same question.  How in the hell do I print from 1.1.24?  The print
> > window has two drop down boxes next to the printer selection.  Once says
> > file and there are no other options, so I can't change it.  The other
> > 'setup' where I can select a printer driver.
> my 1.1.23 allows me to change that 'FILE' option to one of my local and
> network printers. I have yet to play with 1.1.24. perhaps its a bug?
> > Why doesn't it just permit me to select one of my existing printers?

So I expected.  Thanks for the response, at least I know I'm only half

> what version of printtool are you running?

I've installed 1.1.24 on two different machines, previously, Mandrake
7.1, which has printtool-3.43-2mdk.  The second machine is SuSE 6.4,
therefore does not use printtool, but YaST for printer configuration. 
None the less, neither presented me with the option of changing the file
drop down.

I think I'll try to re-install 1.1.24 on my Mandrake box and see what I

> what have you got in your /etc/printcap file?

Not quite sure what you're looking for here.  That actual file or what
types of printers.  Anyway, I've got two printers, one sitting on my
primary machine, another available via Samba, sitting on a win95
machine.  I can access both printers from three Linux boxes and two
windows boxes, so I'm pretty sure it's not a printcap problem.

> alan

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