If I remember right, the option is to merge all VISIBLE layers.  So if you
made all the layers you want to not merge invisible, you can merge the 2 you
left visible using this option.  You can make layers invisible by clicking
the eyeball in the Layers Dialog. (at least in 1.1.24 you can, I haven't
used 1.0.4 in a while).  This is how I do it, but I'm sure there are other
ways, too.

Good luck!

Aaron Unger

>According to the GIMP user manual and book, users used to be able to
>merge 2 layers together.  Apparently, all that you can do with 1.0.4 is
>to mergea all of the layers together.  Is this true?  If there is a way
>to merge just 2 selected layers, how can I do this?
>Thank you in advance,
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