At 15:57 31/7/00 -0400, "Mike Spice (Michael Spiceland)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>According to the GIMP user manual and book, users used to be able to
>merge 2 layers together.

My understanding is that the user manual includes many features that are
more recent than the last stable version (1.0.4), so if anything, from your
point of view, the book tells you what you will be able to do, not what you
used to be able to do.

>Apparently, all that you can do with 1.0.4 is
>to mergea all of the layers together.

It's been a long time between "stable" versions. 1.0.4 is what I got with
Red Hat 6.0 Linux. It seems to be a constant refrain on the mailing lists
that "...that's such an old version. You should download a much newer
one...", by people who seem to have forgotten that 1.0.4 is officially the
version for most users to use.

Recommending that someone take on a release more recent than the official
stable release is taking on a significant responsibility.

The developers appear to be concentrating on trying to get the next major
release out, rather than producing an interim stable version. There also
seems to be some difficulty in adhering to a feature freeze, which isn't
likely to improve the release date any.

>Is this true?  If there is a way
>to merge just 2 selected layers, how can I do this?

I use "merge visible layers", as Aaron suggested.



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