> Tom, the images at the url you posted are _definitely_ patterned, regardless
> of the program you use to display them.
Yes, you are true, I'm stupid! Only the last image on the page is not
patterned. But even the last image's background is displayed incorrectly in
Mozilla and so.

So the problem remains. Try to open the last image - the background color in
gimp is #f7e4ca, but it renders in mozilla as #f6e2c5, but the background of
the page is rendered as #f6e6cd. (Colors picked from screenshot). Why it's
not the same? I understand that on 16bit display it had to find the nearest
color, but why it does different rounding on the image and the
page? Couldn't it be some problem of the gamma stored in the png image?

Tomas Mraz

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