> wonder if anyone could tell me how to do this cool text in gimp ?

The scanlines are simple: there are several ways to create stuff like
this in Gimp:
1. <Image>-Xtns-"Script-Fu"-Alchemy-"Erase every other row"
2. (more flexible) create a simple pattern (*.pat about 10x10 pixels or
so) with lines(s) and fill the image/layer mask with it
3. ... etc.

And, there are dozens of possibilities to create those text FX:
1. write text on a transparent layer, do an "Alpha to selection" and
"grow selection", create a new layer (below the text layer) and fill the
selection with black. Give the text layer some shade by bumpmap...
2. ... etc.

Write back if my explanations are too complicated ;-)

CU, Michael

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