Maybe I should clarify.  I am aware that both gif and png provide
transparency.  My understanding is that (maybe the wrong terminology..)
png transparency is a much finer resolution then that if gif.  So the
question is, is it possible to create a png image that uses the same
transparency 'resolution' as a gif?

Hope that makes sense.  I've got little (any?) understanding of how
transparency is implemented in either of these formats.

Alan Buxey wrote:
> hi,
> > 'cuse the ignorance, but is it possible to create a png image that
> > provides 'gif type of transparency?'  That is, something that will work
> > with current browsers and stay away from the patented gif format?
> yes, of course you can have PNGs with transparency.... RedHat Linxu comes
> with a transparentcy PNG for its login window with xdm/kdm (RedHat 6.1)
> the GIF format is only patented for its LZW compression technique...
> (so, get uncompressed GIFs and you can be free anyway ;-)
> alan

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